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Test Tube Racks: Vital Equipment for the Safe Handling of Test Tubes

A test tube holder is an essential tool in laboratories as it provides an organized and convenient way to store multiple test tubes and prevent them from tipping over, falling, and shattering. These lab racks and storage containers also ensures test tubes can be safely stored during ongoing scientific experiments in a clinical laboratory, thereby reducing chaos and mess, especially when multiple experiments need to be done.

Types and Uses of Test Tube Holders

1. Test Tube Racks

Test tube racks have openings of various sizes to accommodate different tube diameters. They are a versatile storage solution for test tubes, as they can used to secure tubes on benchtops, water baths, incubators or refrigerators. Test tube racks come with different features. For example, they are stackable, have grips for easy inversions, and have alphanumerical labels for easy identification. They are also available from metal, plastic, wood or polystyrene. 

2. Test Tube Holder

Test tube holders are used to hold a test tube when it is being filled or stirred. They are also used to secure a test tube when it is too hot to be handled or touched. It is made from wood or metal and has a U-shaped wire with loops on either end that can be squeezed together to secure the test tube. The benefit of using a test holder is that it ensures the safety of users by preventing spills.

How to Use a Test Tube Holder

Wear Safety Equipment: Before handling a test tube, it is important to wear safety equipment, like gloves and eyewear to prevent injuries or accidents.

Clean the Test Tube: Select a test tube and thoroughly clean it before use as contaminants might affect the integrity of the chemical that will be added to it.

Inspect the Test Tube Cup: Ensure the tube holder has no cracks and is functional. 

Grab the Test Tube Cradle: Hold the test tube holder by its handle. 

Adjust Your Grip: If required, carefully adjust your grip so that the test tube is held firmly but loose enough for movement. 

Lift The Test Tube: Now carefully, lift the test tube by its holder while maintaining an upright position Avoid touching the test tube as it may lead to contamination or a temperature change. 

Carry Out the Experiment: Heat or stir the components in the test tube to complete your experiment. 

Remove The Test Tube: After completing the experiment, carefully place the test tube in the rack. Be careful not to drop the tube or spill the contents. 

Clean The Test Tube Rack: If you notice the test tube rack is dirty, clean it and store it for later use. 

Why Choose Test Tube Racks from Broadway Medical Supply?

A test tube holder is a vital tool in a clinical laboratory as it ensures precision and stability while holding test tubes, preventing accidental breaks or spillages. Broadway Medical Supply offers high-quality test tube racks that can be used to securely hold multiple test tubes. These stackable racks can also be folded for easy storage. Besides test tube holders, Broadway Medical Supply also supplies other laboratory equipment like lightweight and durable lab racks and storage containers for the safe storage, handling, and analysis of chemicals.